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About US

Brand Introduction 

EZRUN is a professional American sportswear brand. Empowered by a team of highly professional American sportswear designers and an array of qualified Chinese manufactures, the company tightly integrated the design, manufacturing and sales processes all together since the very beginning. Built upon the principle of continuous improvements and dare to innovate, the company has invested significant resources and efforts in researching new products and develop new technologies.  We have fully committed ourselves to the passion of producing truly comfortable and fashionable sportswear. By now, indoor and outdoor sports enthusiasts all around the world are enjoying the inherent pleasure of sports we brought to them. And we are proud of it. 


Brand Spirit 

EZRUN makes sports easier. 


Types of Products 

In the increasingly competitive marketplace, EZRUN has developed yoga pants, running pants, sun protective clothing, sports tank top and many others. The development of new sportswear products is being accelerated to meet the vast demands of consumers' sport and workout needs.


Brand Core Value

  • Cooperate as one team. Lead the trend of fashion.
  • Customer first. Create the most comfortable and functional sportswear for all sports enthusiasts.
  • Research new technologies, develop new materials and fabrics, design new styles. Strengthen and highlight product characteristics, explore multi-dimension development opportunities.
  • Promote the corporate brand image. Strive to make every product  unique.

Brand Philosophy 

EZRUN advocates the philosophy of fashion sports and leisure life. We believe fashion can be inherently integrated with comforts. Quality of the products is achieved through paying attention to every tiny detail. Our products fit closer to people's desire to pursue healthier life and fun of sports. Our mission is to change people's life via better sports equipment, and encourage both juniors and seniors to explore different lifestyles and new adventures. 


EZRUN's Dream 

Challenged by ever changing situations, we need to constantly improve our self-worth. Our ambition is to design and build the top-notch quality sportswear, so we can lead the cutting edge of the trend in fashionable and healthy lifestyle. We strive to make the best quality and most distinctive sportswear accessible to everyone who love sports and workout. In the future, we will lead more customers to discover and experience every bit of life. Satisfying customer's needs has always been our primary goal. Our dream is to make your world a better place, and the dream will come true.

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